Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Now batting number 1... the First Post!

Okay... so I am kinda new to this sh... I mean stuff. Let's face it people... we are in a recession, although our "competently trained monkey" of a President (referring to Dubyah) says we are not. Yeah, and I'm the next Cy Young. Now to help the banking industry up we (our government) decides to create a Bailout Bill (yes, yes the one that's over 750 billion dollars you keep on hearing more and more about) to "bail out" the banks. If it wasn't for the banks handing out bad loans to people, who if the banks actually DID THEIR JOBS and performed a credit-background check on these people (who they knew that these people could not pay these loans back), we would not have this problem. Herein lies "El problemo" with the Bailout bill. You are basically giving these CEO's of these bank companies a blank check which it's the most glorious day of the week: PAYDAY!!!

Even though, these CEO's went to Congress and stated that "We aren't going to use one cent of the 750 billion to pay our salaries. Yeah, right that's a big, steaming pile of bullshit! Oh, and by the way... I'm STILL the next Cy Young (in my mind yes... but in reality... yeah, I'm going to have to get back to you (that means no)). I realize that this blog is just restating everything that everyone is saying, and is amateur at best... but we all have to start somewhere. Oh and uh... sorry bout the language, I feel that... ah... who cares you get the picture.

I am starting to get a clear and clairvoyant (don't ask me what it means... buy a dictionary and look it up!!!) picture of why this country is in the shit that is in. We are supposed to be an economic powerhouse... but when the biggest three auto-makers in the country are being out sold by them there japs (japs referring to Japanese auto-makers), we have a problem here. Again, sorry bout the language...

Why can't we all just choose a president with experience, guile, strength... and a cool southern drawl with a cool World Series ring to boot. Charlie Manuel in 2012!!!

Peace. Signed,
The General of A World With No Boundaries,
Brian McCollum.

P.S. more to come. stick around


sorry about the total randomness of this post

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