Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A World with no what?!?!

First of the new year time to start breaking some resolutions right? WRONG! Nah, I'm just kidding... I could care less whether or not you made New Year's Resolutions. I stopped making them because I always wind up breaking them within the first week or so (sometimes within two days). So I'd figured, I'd try to explain what my political philosophy and group is all about. So before I begin to rattle off my philosophy... ah forget about it... yet's just get started.

If anyone has played the realistic flight-combat simulation series that is know as the Ace Combat, they would know about the political (and sometimes terrorist) organizations in the games. Well... one of the organizations in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, is known as: "A World Without Boundaries". The "terrorist" group consists of individuals who are multi-ethnic and mutli-national people with like-minded ideals. The groups' sole purpose is pretty much "destroy" the borders that nations are comprised of. These individuals (in the game), believe that diplomacy has failed, and will always fail, due to a lack of trust between people, greed and xenophobia (or the fear of other races, nationalities, creeds, etc.). And for the most part they are right (and wrong) in their assertions about diplomacy not working. Yes it [diplomacy] does work up to a certain extent, but after that action is needed, and that action is most likely war. The organization's sole goal was to create a global state through violence and destruction.

So what does that mean for my philosophy? Well I share some common ideals with this fictional terrorist organization, but the rest I drastically differ. Yes, I believe that diplomacy does not work. Based on the assertions that people are greedy, xenophobic, and dishonest bastards that are only looking out for themselves. I do believe that borders need to be eliminated. Borders, and boundaries, label people as this or that. So, for example: the border between the United States of America and Canada, labels people on the Canadian side as "Canadians", and the those on the other side (the U.S.A.) as "Americans". So how am I an "American", and yet my friend in Toronto is a "Canadian"? We are both from the same Continent, North America. So would that make us both "Americans. That's why I believe we need to get rid of borders of nations. The borders label people as a certain nationality or ethnicity, but diminish the fact that the people within those borders are of a nationality greater than that of a label: we are a global people. Not Amercian, not Canadian, European, Russian, Asian, Austrailian, African, or whatever other nation's nationality.

How my organization/ political philososphy differs from that of the game's organization; is that I not willing to go that far. I mean come on... to go as far as to nuke the whole world? NAH... DUDE! We're nothing more than eighteen- to nineteen year olds with radical thinking and the freedom of speech (thanks to the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights). We may think about those philosophies, but not go as far as to blow up every nation.

My organization does not care about race, nationality, or any "identifying" information. We meet solely to bring trust back into our world. We believe that trust is vital in a peaceful world. But the fact is, we know that the world will never peaceful, as long as people don't trust each other, greed fans the flames, and people fight over the smallest of things.

The fact is: countries don't change, it's the people in those countries who desire change, it's the people who change. The people who desire peace must be willing to accept this change, and without this change there is no peace.

"No matter what the desired outcome is, the world can still change, as long as people expand their knowledge and desire change."

"There is no Nation of You,
There is no Nation of Me,
Our only Nation exists in Lucid Dreams"

But the question needs to asked: do we really need to get rid of borders? I believe that we should try to find out what their volution really is.